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Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Driverbd?

    Driverbd is much more than just a supplier of last minute vehicle drivers. With rich database and a nationwide network of 1000+ drivers, limited is proceeding at a fast pace. So, if you are an individual or an organization looking for drivers, you have come to the right place. We can provide people to fulfill all your temporary or permanent requirements for drivers and help to optimize the smooth running of your daily life and your organization.

  • How to register Driverbd?

    Step 1

    Click registration link from left hand side of home page.

    Step 2

    • Select role
    • Fill personal details
    • Fill address
    • Fill contact information
    • Set your password
    • Enter the code shown
    • Click Register.

    Step 3

    Once you have clicked register button, you will receive code on your cell phone device and a link on your email.

    Step 4

    To activate your account, you can either put the code instantly and active your account or if you would like to activate your account later then you can login to your email, click the given link and your account will be activated. To activate your account later you can visit

  • How to post requirement for Drivers?
    • Login with your email and password.
    • Click 'Post Requirement' link from second navigation of the home page.
    • Fill up the form in accordance with necessary info.
    • Click Save.
    • Your requirement for driver has been posted successfully!
  • How to post drivers’ information?
    • Click 'Post Driver Info' link from second navigation of the home page.
    • Fill up the form in accordance with necessary info.
    • Click Save.
    • Your driver requirement has been posted successfully!
    • To have an account for posting drivers’ information is not mandatory.
  • Can I get drivers through driverbd easily? Why to come at driverbd?

    We are proud of our initiative - built up over 2 years preparation - for supplying the very best temporary and permanent drivers to our clients in industry and the private sector. You can save wastage of extra money by using driver pool from Driverbd. We supply drivers’ database to our clients through a truly nationwide network, with centralized support services. Our vast database and driver support service is uniquely placed to meet the needs of large national or regional clients.

    Driverbd is the first, specialist driver provider service in the Bangladesh for supplying drivers to the private users and industry sector.

  • As a Driverbd customer you can benefit from: 
    • A nationwide network combining consistency of service with local attention to detail.
    • Access to high quality drivers that are competent, assessed and fully referenced.
    • Peace of mind –driver recruitment problems will not interrupt your life and/or the efficiency of your organization.
  • Do I have to pay driverbd? If yes, then for what service?

    If you are a driver seeker then for at best 20 drivers’ information access you have to pay an amount of BDT 5000 only.

  • How a Driver Seeker will pay?

    Firstly one has to create a wish list of preferable drivers from our driver pool, and then while you will be short listing 20 drivers’ and will try to get access to their information then our site will demand the payment.


    Step 1:

    A text box with “You can add at least 1 driver and at best 20 drivers to your shortlist” will appear in screen. Whatever your preferred number is, you must pay BDT 2000 for each attempt of creating each shortlist of drivers” text will appear in your screen. You will select “proceed” or “cancel” option according to your preference.


    Step 2:

    Then you have to put on your required quantity of drivers on box. Here it is better to select 20 drivers at once, because you will have to pay for any number of drivers between 1 and 20 at once. You cannot select 5drivers now and then 10/15 drivers again for short listing. Your second attempt for next 10/15 drivers’ information will require BDT 2000 once again. Where, you can get 20 drivers’ information with a package payment of BDT 2000 at once only.


    Step 3:

    Entering the number of required drivers and selecting add to cart will take t you shopping cart. Now you will update your shopping cart or else select checkout


    Step 4:

    Selection of checkout will show you a form containing 4 phases. At first stage you have to fill up your Billing Address, and then you will go through your payment method and payment information in the second and third stage consequently. Lastly confirm your order only after a last check of payment method amount and everything. Then you will have to choose through which card (visa/master/debit/credit) and through which bank (DBBL/Brac Bank/Other Banks) and put an end to the process.

  • If I forget my password how can I recover it?

    To recover your password, below “user login” from the left hand side of the home page click the given link ‘forgot password?’ then input your email address. The recover link will be send to your email, click on that link you will be redirect to set your new password.

  • What is the best time to contact driverbd over phone?

    The best time to contact driverbd over phone is from 9.00 AM to 6.00. PM.

  • How can I edit my account?

    To update your account log on to your account. From top of the home page click 'My account' link; select the category (Wishing list, Short list, Selected driver, Order Billing) in which you want to make change. Then you can update/edit your info and then click save button your account information will be updated.

  • How can I delete my requirement or info?

    Your requirement and/or driver info once uploaded cannot be deleted by you again, however you can let us know over phone and we would take necessary steps.