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About Us

Once in middle of the daily life, the fact and idea of “” stroke in mind of Muhammad Shahin, founder of Limited. He thought for the significant but deprived profession of our society that is the profession of driving vehicles; which has been ignored by the society of Bangladesh. While a vehicle driver easing your daily life, your businesses, keeping your contacts close by helping you in reaching your destination on time; even as your life is only on his cautiousness by the grace of Almighty, it becomes a responsibility to think for that DRIVER more. For Muhammed Shahin this website is his passion rather than of business, this is more about a feel for society rather than of a responsibility.

To avail best drivers for owners’ favorite vehicle, the idea of driverbd was in existence. It is the platform where driver seekers may get a pool of drivers based on their choice criterion like experience, living area, home district, educational qualification, technical expertise/efficiency, age and even vehicles model (e.g. BMW and/or Mercedes). Database (Photo, signature, driving license number along with expiry date info, NID, family and educational background, experiences from latest to first) establishment for drivers was started from 2011. Now, Limited is appearing / formally in existence from the year 2013 with a mission of creating a bridge between Vehicles’ Owner and its potential driver through applying online-based technology. allows drivers to upload their information through the help of Limited by providing with their information, whereas Owners of vehicles whether for personal use or company use may post requirement, select drivers of their own choice after having full detailed information about drivers and their background. We also aim to provide with highest possible validity and reliability of information and even also provide police verification report on demand.

When we heard you were tired of searching experienced driver of your choice and free of hassles we came up to you with our enriched database which ensures high validity of information. When you needed a dependable network, we gave you the nationwide hasten network of vehicle drivers. Limited has stand for something more. We've listened to you and worked to build a brand that's more responsive and more dedicated to satisfying your wants and needs for your one prime demand that is demand for driver of your choice based on your desired criteria.

It's our mission to continue the services furthermore, so that you can run your daily life without interrupting business and works and without compromising your priorities for hiring drivers.